Frequently Asked Questions

General Program Eligibility Questions
Which driving setbacks are eligible for Rewind®?
Which policies are eligible for Rewind?
Which drivers are eligible for Rewind?
Can more than one eligible driver on a policy participate in Rewind?
How many times can a driver participate in Rewind?
Which vehicles are compatible with Rewind?
Is there a fee for the Rewind device or program?
Do customers own the Rewind device?
How long does the Evaluation Period last?
Data, Technology, and Privacy Questions
What type of driving data is collected?
How is the data transferred, and where is the data stored?
Does Safeco obtain vehicle location data?
How is the driving data used?
How does the participating driver qualify for permanent incident forgiveness?
Does Safeco use driving data for any other rate adjustments?
How does Safeco protect customer data?
How do participating drivers access their driving data?
How do drivers receive help with the driving data website?
Incident Forgiveness Questions
How is the customer's auto insurance premium affected when they sign up for Rewind?
How is the customer's auto insurance premium affected if the participating driver does not agree to the program Terms & Conditions or does not plug in the Rewind device?
How is the customer's auto insurance premium affected if the participating driver removes the Rewind device or drops out of the program before completing the Evaluation Period?
How is the customer's auto insurance premium affected after the Evaluation Period?
Does Rewind replace Safeco's other Accident Forgiveness programs?
Installation Questions
What happens after a customer signs up for Rewind program?
How do participating drivers receive the Rewind device?
Which vehicle should the device be installed in?
Is the device easy for customers to install?
How soon do participating drivers need to plug in the device?
What happens if a driver doesn't plug in the device?
Are participating drivers allowed to remove the device during the Evaluation Period?
Should the device be removed when non-participating drivers use the vehicle?
Program Completion Questions
What happens after the participating driver completes the Evaluation Period?
V Can another eligible driver on the policy participate in Rewind?
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